Nourishmee turns 1!

Hi all,

This is just a quick appreciation post because one year ago today, the idea for creating a health food blog popped into my head. Over this time, we have reached a whopping 3,500 views around the world! This is super crazy guys!

Since then, I have created an instagram and a tumblr that compliment my blog but also explore my ideas and thoughts.



I just would like to quickly thank whoever is reading this for continually checking out my posts and supporting my blog, it’s crazy how much can happen over a year!

Keep your eyes peeled for many new and exciting recipes coming your way.

Thank you all so much,

Bree x


Restricting is not rspectful to your body.

Raise your hand if you love food?! Now raise you hand if you’ve ever put less on your plate even though you were super hungry?

As I have addressed in my ‘about‘ page, in today’s society, we are told what to do and what not to do with our bodies. One of the main subjects I see popping up all over social media is how much you should eat, and the answer is, how ever much you want!

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Where to eat in Melbourne | Top Paddock

Introducing another new page to my blog, ‘healthy eats in Melbourne’. Well the title says it all, I’ll be letting you in on my go to places to eat when in Melbourne, you’ll be amazed with how many there are!

My first favourite place to eat in Melbourne is Top Paddock which is found in Richmond. Its offers a variety of yummy, healthy dishes as well as a few treats like their famous hot cakes!

top paddock 4

top paddock 8

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