My vegan picnic

About 3 months ago i turned 17! For while i was very unsure about how to celebrate my birthday (i’m not the party type!) but soon enough i came up with the idea to have a cute vegan picnic in our backyard. The day was beautiful and sunny, the food was sooo good and we even set up croquet! I’m writing this post to give you guys some ideas if you are thinking of ever having a picnic or if you’re stuck with quick, simple picnic food ideas that are vegan friendly!


So, i simply gathered all of the blankets and pillows around my house, as well as any cute decorations like fairy lights, flowers, lanterns, cups, plates, candles and a dream catcher. With the help of my friend and my brother, we managed to set up this gorgeous picnic fit for fairies!





We borrowed our neighbours croquet set and also got out dad’s bocce set to play.




The snacks we had:

– My vegan chocolate cupcakes with drizzled vegan chocolate

– Veggie sticks with hummus

– Medjool dates with peanut butter

– Freeze dried strawberries

– Popcorn

– Watermelon with passion fruit

– Veggie straws (these weird veggie chips things)

– Skittles & sour patch kids

– Potato chips with tomato sauce

– Strawberries dipped in vegan chocolate



It is so easy to set up a cute picnic to enjoy with family & friends. I hope this post has given you some inspiration for any up coming events that you’re stuck with – i highly encourage you try this out!

Bree x


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