Strike for climate

As you may have seen on the news, on the 15th of March, hundreds of schools around the world went on strike for climate change. In Melbourne, more than 25,000 people gathered to protest for climate action. A spontaneous decision meant that Julia and I, along with a gang of passionate uni students from Melbourne University, were few among thousands to raise our voices and signs at the Australian government, urging for action against the rapidly declining state of our planet.


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2 years later and she’s back?

Hello again to the big wide world of the internet.

What can I say? Simply contracted a very common strain of lazybrain that caused me to lose all motivation for what was once something I really enjoyed creating. But hey! Who am I to blame but myself right? And probably Going into year 12 in 2017 where I probably thought the world would crash and burn if I didn’t put my everything (including my soul) into studying, buttttt let’s not go any further into that.

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My vegan picnic

About 3 months ago i turned 17! For while i was very unsure about how to celebrate my birthday (i’m not the party type!) but soon enough i came up with the idea to have a cute vegan picnic in our backyard. The day was beautiful and sunny, the food was sooo good and we even set up croquet! I’m writing this post to give you guys some ideas if you are thinking of ever having a picnic or if you’re stuck with quick, simple picnic food ideas that are vegan friendly!


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Vegan chocolate cupcakes with coconut caramel & chocolate frosting

Oh boy do I have the most delectable treat in store for you today! I have been experimenting with chocolate cakes for a while now but i could never get them right; they’d always end up too dry or rubbery which is not what a cupcake should be. However, i have mastered the recipe for the chocolate cupcake. Now not only is this a rich, moist, vegan (it’s hard to believe i know) cupcake, they are topped with a creamy chocolate frosting and better yet, COCONUT CARAMEL. You heard me, COCONUT CARAMEL! I actually cooked these in a food SAC not to long ago and literally everyone was amazed; “These are vegan Bree?!”, “can i steal another pleeaassee?!”.  These cakes are perfect for a birthday party, family gathering, picnic or just cause you need to prove to people that vegan ain’t boring! So, without further ado, i shall introduce you to this recipe that i have hyped up…


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Vibrant quinoa, lentil & corn salad

Aloha to those reading my blog! Today I have a recipe for this simple, summer salad that is perfect for picnics, Christmas lunch, just to whip up when you’re feeling lazy or even if you’re doing a fully raw day (minus the quinoa). It features loads of greens and other wholesome ingredients which is excellent to cleanse and refresh your body after a big weekend full of delicious foods or if you feel like something lighter to munch on!


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Simple vegetable stir fry with rice noodles

Stir fries are such a delicious, light, easy meal. Literally just chuck any vegetables you have in your fridge into a pan with some noodles and there you have a simple, nutritious meal that is perfect for dinner or to have in the fridge ready to pull out when you have no time to cook. This stir fry takes about 40 minutes to cook and is great to take to school/work for lunches as it is packed with vegetables and other yummy stuff that keeps you full and energised for longer!


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Mixed veggie fritters with tomato relish

Veggie fritters are the perfect dish to serve as a snack to guests as a starter or to serve as a side to dish. They’re cheap to make, easy to cook and taste delicious. I was having trouble thinking of a recipe that would go along side this dish nicely and my dad suggested a tomato relish which makes complete sense! Crispy veggie fritters dipped in a spicy tomato relish, yummoooo!

IMG_8758 (1)

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Where to eat in Melbourne | SpudBar

I am always on the prowl for more delicious places in Melbourne to eat. I had been told about this place called Spud Bar which instantly appealed to me, I mean potatoes and toppings!!?? YUMMM! So, recently whilst in the city, I was determined to check it out and oh boy I was not disappointed. I’m talking bowls as big as my face filled with scrumptious fluffy potatoes topped with endless toppings. Definitely satisfying to say the least.


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